Twilight Zone – Between Analogue and Digital Media

Twilight Zone – Between Analogue and Digital Media

Wydział: Malarstwo

Twilight Zone – Between Analogue and Digital Media

Malta is a place where the tradition of fireworks lives on. We read this as a way of drawing pleasure from communing with the energy and vigour of light.

Fire is a visual representation of warmth and the sun, and moving light images are exceptionally pleasing. A viewer of a fireworks show experiences an optical ecstasy of spectacular burning. Light is a carrier of art which serves to immerse the viewer in an artificial luminous environment which can be used to examine their perception. Adopting digital reproduction techniques for the purposes of artistic creation, this event aims to create a project about light which presents fire not from a thermal stance, but from a visual perspective.

Tomasz Dobiszewski (Poland), Zsolt Gyenes (Hungary), Robert Sochacki (Poland), Matyou Galea (Malta), Matthew Attard (Malta), Eric Souther (USA), Andrew Deutsch(USA), Shusaku Kaji (Japan), not a Number Group (Poland) Zsolt Czako (Hungary) 

Alicja Panasiewicz

The Faculty of Art at the Pedagogical University in Kraków

Robert Sochacki "Listening to Dailyness" 2021, 

Phantom video concept

I would like to take viewers into a meditation space, where we can observe and reflect on the shifted realities: that one we used to call „natural”; ofine and sensual and the the non-human, digitalized one. Old World vs New Normal. Something we used to call virtual is real now – so what are we observing? A symbiosis of those realms or a conquest unfolding right in front of us? The answer is where the lights are.

Text based on „Suspended Futures” by Julian Brigstocke, in: „Listening With NonHuman Others” edited by Julian Brigstocke, Tehseen Noorani. ARN Press / published as part of an Authority Research Network (ARN) project titled Participation’s “Others”: A Cartography of Creative Listening Practices

Original Soundtrack by Robert Sochacki. Used samples of:

Oto Hiax-Bearing and Writhe
dial up modem sound
Hania Rani Live from Studio S2
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Blink
Toshi Tsuchitori – Ishiura (Abridged)
Yoshiaki Ochi – Ear Dreamin'