Important information for Erasmus+ students

Important information for Erasmus+ students

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Important information for Erasmus+ students


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Information on preventing COVID-19 spread among the AFA community:

In connection with preventing COVID-19 spread among the AFA community, the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk:

  • Cancels lectures and classes with students, doctoral candidates, excepting remote classes (until May 24th, 2020);
  • Closes the Library of AFA (until May 24th, 2020);
  • Cancels open events, e.g. conferences, symposiums, open lectures, cultural events, etc. (until further notice);
  • Suspends travels abroad and participation of employees, doctoral  candidates and students in national conferences (until further notice);
  • Suspends accommodating new people in Student House and visits of outside guests (until further notice).


Precautions announced by Polish Government taken to minimalise spreading the COVID-19 in Poland:

  • Covering the mouth and nose is mandatory from April 16, 2020 – everyone in a public place will have to wear a mask, scarf or handkerchief that covers both the mouth and nose. The obligation applies to everyone who is on the streets, in offices, shops or places where services are provided and workplaces. 
  • You can leave your home only if necessary (for example: go shopping, go to a doctor, go to/back from work)- until Sunday, April 19, 2020;
  • Gathering and travelling in bigger groups than two people is forbidden – until further notice;
  • The number of people in the means of public transport shouldn’t be higher than the half of the seats (for example if there are 50 seats on the bus, a maximum of 25 people can be inside of it);
  • Stop international flights and trains (you can still leave Poland with a car or a bus, but once leaving, there won't be any way back until the government withdraws the decision) until Sunday, April 26, 2020;
  • Close the shopping centres (all the other shops – supermarkets, groceries, butcher shops, pharmacies, banks etc. will be open as usual) until Sunday, April 19, 2020;
  • Close bars, pubs until Sunday, April 19, 2020;
  • Limit the activity of restaurants (option for home delivery or takeaway food stays as it was, but there is no possibility to sit inside) until Sunday, April 19, 2020;
  • Transport inside the country will work as usual (with a limited number of connections).

For breaking the restrictions, there could be fines up to 5000,00 PLN.


Entrance to the Academy buildings

Existing student permits to stay in the studios are cancelled for the duration of the suspension order.

Entrance to Academy buildings for students and PhD students is suspended for the duration of the ordinance.


Online learning

Our Academy is now implementing elements of online learning: consultations, corrections, transfer of teaching materials.

Due to the latest announcement of AFA’s authorities,

  • our teachers are obliged to stay in touch with you, prepare the appropriate materials, reply to your e-mails, inform you on how the course will be conducted, set the dates of online consultations (if possible), and give you regular feedback on your works;
  • you are obliged to participate in remote learning under the conditions laid down by the teachers, carry out and report all your works and projects;
  • verification of the learning outcomes achieved through distance learning can be done:
    1. in a traditional way, at the Academy, as the oral/written exam or the overview of works/projects (when we come back to the face-to-face education),
    2. online, using the appropriate IT tools to verify the exact type of learning outcome;
  • completing/passing the course offered with using the methods and techniques of distance learning, is obligatory (if it is possible to implement the programme of the course through distance learning and it was discussed with the teacher).

Please contact the academic teachers on their official e-mail addresses, they are available on the website:


Recommendations for students living in ASP Students House:

The accommodation of new people in student dormitories is suspended and external visitors are forbidden.

In other matters, the recommendation of the Chief Sanitary Inspector applies.

The Chief Sanitary Inspector recommends that students leave their student housing if they have the option of other accommodation. The stay of other students in student dormitories should be organized in a way that allows a maximum limitation of contact between people, preferably in separate rooms with a separate sanitary facility.

MNISW recommendation: Please note that universities must provide accommodation for students (including foreigners) who cannot (for various reasons) leave the dormitory.


Administration Staff:

The Academy administration works on a part-time system during the suspension period.


Dear students, please contact us by email: